participation ladder in web-based social networking

a friend passed along this interesting post about participation in web-based social networking and the implications for marketing and pr activities. i thought the graphic was very helpful:

ladder of involvement.gif

and, i was struck by this question: what would these percentages be if we were only talking about 12 – 18 year olds? i’ve seen so much on tweens, teens and 20-somethings and their use of web-based social networking. but i don’t think i’ve seen this kind of a breakdown, primarily between those who look and those who create. anyone have a link to something?

here’s my guess (for north american teens):
90% are “users” in one way or another, meaning the “inactive” category would basically cease to exist with this generation. shoot, this might even be closer to 99% (anastasia, do you have a sense of this?)
and, of those, i’d guess that only 1/4 (25%) are merely “spectators”. teens get online to connect, not to spectate.

if my guesses are remotely correct, the shift from the “participation ladder” above to the one i’m suggesting for today’s teens probably needs a new metaphor, since this would be a crazy top-heavy ladder!

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