party weekend

i’m stoked about this weekend. it’s full of all the kinds of party stuff i love. here’s a run down…

friday evening: jeannie and liesl both have plans. so max and i have having a date night. i’m still scheming what we’ll do, but i expect it will be grand.

saturday morning: get to sleep in.

saturday mid-day: liesl has decided (i have no idea how this happened) that she’s into motocross. she wants to buy a motocross bike and start racing. while i dig this concept, it’s rather unfeasable, as we don’t have anywhere around here to ride (other than the 2 hour drive to the desert that all the bike nuts around here take), and we don’t have a vehicle that would hold a bike. that said, i thought it would be fun to take her to the Moto X competition this weekend in san diego. saturday’s line-up includes Speed & Style Practice/Best Trick Practice, SuperMoto Final, Best Trick Final, Step Up Final (Part I), and Speed & Style Final. should be a kick.

saturday evening: our family is having dinner at the home of the family who lived with us for four months last fall. we always have a blast with them.

sunday mid-day: liesl and i go to the second day of the Moto X competition. sunday’s line-up includes Freestyle Practice, Moto X Racing Practice, Freestyle Elimination, Step Up Final (Part II), Moto X Racing Final, Freestyle Final.

sunday evening: our home church felt, last week when we discussed how we’re doing, that we need to hang out and party together a bit more. we normally meet every other sunday night, so this is our off week. so we added a dinner party, at our house.

it’s all good!

7 thoughts on “party weekend”

  1. How do you regularly rest Marko?

    Maybe I’m just getting really worn out, but I look at a weekend like that and I go, wow, sooo busy. At one point that would have really sounded like a fun weekend..

    I just remember back at the CYWC we spent a great deal of time talking about rest and I’m curious how someone of your, uhm, caliber … rests.

  2. my caliber? ha!

    well, there is certainly an issue of personality that speaks to this. this is exactly the kind of thing i find wonderfully restful and restorative. i LOVE spending time with friends, and i LOVE having one-on-one hangout time with my kids. i don’t expect to think about work once this weekend.

    i still need REAL down time — and this weekend isn’t that. but this weekend still feels very sabbath-y to me!

  3. Sounds like an awesome weekend! Totally off subject…but out of curriosity, what are your favorite cookies?

  4. lindsy — i won’t be eating any cookies until after april 25 (when the ‘are you a bigger loser than marko?’ contest ends!). but my favorite is listed, along with our receptionists recipe for them – she makes all our favorite cookies on our birthdays! – on my staff page on the YS site.

  5. For the love of dirt bikes and in support of Liesl’s new passion:

    None of your vehicles have tow-hitches? If they do, you can rent trailers OR you can find someone with a trailer/SUV to borrow.

    My family and I used to ride our bikes at the east end of Palm Avenue (I know they’ve completely built up that area but maybe east of there is still rideable). Also, further southeast, we’d ride in the Brown Field area. There are other areas too…Descanso? You may be able to find info online… it’s all about networking. :)

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