people i’ve enjoyed hanging with this week

no, this isn’t name-dropping (because most americans won’t know most of these people). but while i know SO few people here at soul survivor in england (and am known by pretty much no one, which is really healthy for me), the speaker’s lounge is a cool place to connect with people.

i just spent a good chunk of time chatting with sam harvey, the new leader of soul survivor new zealand. what an absolutely fantastic guy. we totally clicked — one of those guys i know i would be good friends with if we lived anywhere near each other, and likely to be someone i’ll keep in contact with.

i also just shared stories and vision with a wonderful pastor from brazil named massao suguihara. he’s the pastor of a large church about 5 hours south of sao paulo, and wants us to partner with him to bring ys stuff to brazil. interesting opportunity, and a very sweet guy who seems to be connected enough to pull something off.

i’ve enjoyed brief chats with mike pilivachi, the main dude at soul survivor (and speaker at three of the four ys national youth workers conventions this fall). he’s the reason i’m here. and with tim hughes, the worship leader, who came out of mike’s church, and is now the worship leader at HTB (holy trinity brompton, in london, the home church of alpha). i love tim’s worship leadership — he’s one of the most gentle and humble worship leaders i’ve met. and he writes great songs!

fuzz kitto is here from australia. i’ve known fuzz for a handful of years through various connections — mostly him coming to ys events, even once coming to our office. and we’ve hung out at greenbelt in the UK a couple times. i don’t know how to describe fuzz. he’s a larger-than-life character, physically (crazy biker beard, big bald head), spiritually and socially. he’s a brilliant thinker and a fun conversationalist, keeps up on pretty much everything to do with youth ministry in australia and many other countries, and always has a new insight worth hearing.

roy crowne is the exec director of british YFC, and we’ve had a partnership of one sort or another with them for most of my years at ys. so roy and i have intersected and interacted dozens of times over the years. i’m looking forward to skipping the one speaker i can’t stand to go to a pub with roy tonite.

oh, and liesl, my daughter. i’m having a great time hanging out with her. that will only get better starting friday when we head for our five days in london!

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