photo in need of a caption

found this one on purgatorio. and, it’s been a while since i’ve done a caption contest. best one, by mid-week, gets a ys book of yer choice, plus the admiration of the crowd.


holy cow! you guys are funny on this one! and the quantity of responses.

in order to not have 50 “contenders”, i’m raising the bar a bit. i have to find them SERIOUSLY funny — many of these were funny, but aren’t making the ‘best of’ list (of course, it’s still my subjective sense of humor as the barometer here)…

Ben Hur 2000 (james)

yac got himself a sweet ride up in heaven! (ty hogue)

Charlton Heston is a wuss! (jeff moulton)

cultural segway (brandon)

Suddenly, Timmy began to regret convincing his parents to have Bibleman visit his birthday party. (dan)

Roll out your dead. Roll out your dead. Roll out your dead. (andy jack)

Apparently Father Patrick misunderstood his need for a better segue in his sermons. (dj)

National Enquirer reports that Jerry Garcia is alive and well and living in a monastery. (othy)

Christian retirement home hazing. (josh)

Cruise-Aider! (john tan)

St. Francis agreed to God’s request that he come back for another life, but with one condition… (brad)

Where the hell are my reindeer? (anonymous, who was afraid to post his real name, since he said “hell”)

Backstage at the Holy Land Experience (steve)

SBC Cross-Cultural Evangelist (brad)

Even though it was truly awful, most people prefer this Ghost Rider remake with Sean Connery more than the one with Nicolas Cage. (othy)

Once again, Santa’s post-Christmas weekend crack binge ends badly. (david wiggins)

wow, this was the best one yet. lots and lots of funny responses! very hard to choose a winner. i’m gonna call it a tie, to…
Christian retirement home hazing. (josh)
Backstage at the Holy Land Experience (steve)

funny stuff, guys. let me know what YS book you want (email me).

78 thoughts on “photo in need of a caption”

  1. Even in the twilight of his life, Mel Gibson couldn’t resist remaking “Thunderdome” this time in the original Aramaic.

  2. After Santa hurt his hip in a chimney related accident he decided to take a shot at being a priest. It didn’t work out as he had hoped…

  3. After yet another worker’s comp claim, Medieval Times was forced to allow employees a less dangerous option than the “real” horses.

  4. Pope Benedict had quickly tired of his Popemobile, so he sought another means of transport through the dingy streets of Rome.

  5. Lucado has a Lexus…
    Marko has a Mini…
    Swindoll has a Harley…
    and Mclaren has a Segway?

  6. …with contributions running low, the Pope was forced to downgrade his pope-mobile to a segway…

  7. During a recent downsizing in Heavan the “new bodies” division had to resort to alternative measures.

  8. Coming Summer 2017 to a theater near you – Gladiator 6 – The Return of the Conqueror. Russell Crowe in his most challenging role yet – Maximus in his Geritol years.

  9. Maximus escapes again from the senior center mumbling something about Commodus and the guy at the Quickie Mart.

  10. St. Francis agreed to God’s request that he come back for another life, but with one condition…

  11. “Some trust in wheelchairs and some trust in Segue’s, but we will…well Segue’s ARE pretty cool.”
    -Psalm 20:7 (the Geriatric Message)

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