photo in need of a caption

saw this pic over on mike novelli’s blog, a long time ago, and just had to turn it into a caption contest. best caption wins the ys book of your choice.

buck fight.jpg


Josh and Bart show up an the solstice party wearing the same designer jeans. (bob)

Still holding a grudge from the whole “cheerleading, almost knocked off the stage” incident, YS staff came into the office just in time to hear Tic taunting Marko: “Now let’s see you belly bump me, don’t feel so tough without your pom-poms do you…” (dana kidder)

Contemplating moving YS to Montana Marko and Tic go undercover to check out the local youth ministry scene. (lars)

two ohio state fans doing what they do. (jared) (ysmarko: this is FANTASTIC!)

We better take this inside. I Think I saw Dick Cheney. (kevin)

“Michael Scott decides to demonstrate the first step in conflict resolution.” (jeremy)

Much to the surpise of Touchstone Pictures, M. Night Shyamaylan had already made a low budget version of “The Village” using members of the local Scottish Rite Temple. (dan)

Once again, the senior pastor and youth pastor square off over a spill on the Jones Memorial Carpet. (brian eberly)

“The effects of using Jenkem.” (jen }i{)

After Bubba was impaled, Joe Bob gave up trying to find a safe alternative to chubby bunny for his youth group. (len) (ysmarko: this one made me snort)

Unfortunately the broadway production of “deers” was not only a bad “cats” ripoff, but also bad grammar. (othy)


i asked mike novelli (from who’s blog i ripped this photo) to judge this one. he wrote:
And the winner is… 
>>> Josh and Bart show up an the solstice party wearing the same designer jeans. (bob)

I love this… it is different from the others and a little bit dark!
Who hasn’t seen two girls show up wearing the same thing at school and want to scratch each others eyes out!

bob — choose a book from the ys website and let me know (via email).

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