photo in need of a caption

first, here’s the photo:


same rules as usual: i’ll add contenders to the post, then pick one. winner gets a free ys book of your choosing.

i should also add that bobbie sent this to me, and it had the title “darwin waits patiently” on it, which, according to the neatorama post from which i got it, was a comment by reader vonskippy. fantastic caption, right off the bat, but you can’t use it.


omg! you people are nuts! (this is why i love youth workers — well, this, among other reasons). i posted this early tuesday morning, then was out of the office most of the day. i get an email from my blog when someone posts a comment, and they’ve been streaming in all day long. now i get back to the office in the late afternoon, and (as i type this) there are 105 comments! holy cow!

ok, so… contenders at this point are (i’ll add more in the next day or two and call a winner on thursday)…

Laughing merrily along path of least resistance… (david b)

darwin waits patiently (andy jack — i will declare him a contender, who will not win, purely for the adolescent tenacity of posting the one-and-only caption i said could NOT be posted!)

dont mess with texas! (chris g)

Don’t worry, I tried this in middle school. (terrace crawford)

Dude, I get most of my best ideas after my 6th beer. (bob)

That’s one way to tidy up the gene pool. (tammie)

You are the weakest link. Goodbye! (kristi)

After the superbowl, Clovis couldn’t have any more children. (steve) (ysmarko comment: i just laughed at the name choice!)

Even though the new youth pastor got this activity from his set of “ideas” books from the 70’s, the youth parents still found it questionable. (othy, for being horribly close to the truth!)

Welcome to the youth pastor appreciation pool party.

Shallow end of the gene pool. (david)

It’s Miller time (phil) (ysmarko: ah, the simplicity of a funny response!)

This picture was taken right before Jim came with his space heater to make it a hot tub. (chris cummings)

Necessity is the mother of stupidity. (richard jones) (ysmarko: that is FANTASTIC!)

The “I’m A Bigger Idiot Than Marko” contest. (terrace crawford)

Pooled intelligence. (randy)

From the Las Vegas Econolodge brochure. (kent neal) (ysmarko: oh, man, that made me laugh)

World’s largest defibrillator. (linda)

Mom always said if it floats it’s healthy. (jim)

Plastination secret method revealed! (ben)

First YS all staff bbq right after the dot com bust. (rob mcilvoy)

What happens at the NYWC stays at the NYWC! (gman)

“Hey you guys get outta there! That’s Johnny’s home schooling experiment!” (mikey)


this was a tough one; 150+ entries, and lots of serious contenders. but i’m gonna go with my gut here (which is an ample gut, since the “are you a bigger loser than marko?” contest doesn’t start until monday), and my gut says, “get donuts.” no, wait. that wasn’t one of the contenders. the winner is:

Necessity is the mother of stupidity. (richard jones)

richard jones, that was extremely funny and a bit hi-brow, coincidentally. smart humor. we don’t see too much o’ that ’round here. shoot me an email, richard.

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  1. Nessy! – you have surfaced. Loch Ness waters were just way too cold and merky. Good to see you.

  2. After filling out the required background checks, submitting to finger printing and providing three non-family references, this is the final requirement in order to serve on our Junior High Ministry Team.

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