photo in need of a caption

this pic made me laugh out loud, especially at the thought of someone taking the time to pose those little dudes. perfect for a caption contest. winner gets the ys book of his or her choice.


(ht to mikey)


HEY ROCKY! Whatch me pull a rabbit out o…..Rocky? (steve)

“Just remember kids, the only way to properly dispatch a squirrel is with an AK-47 and malice in your heart.”
Kids: “And now we know.”
“And knowing is half the battle.” (brad)

Gary Busey’s childhood playtime. (dan)

Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort star in ‘Left Behind: Post-trib’. Coming this Fall, Saturday mornings, only on TBN.” (rob)

In a bold new effort to sell more books, John Eldridge has introduced a line of action figures called, “Wild at Park.” John Eldridge said, “when there is no dragon to slay, a squirrel will suffice.” (rooster)

This is about when I got really confused why Cloverfield received so much hype. (ian rock)

Binky won’t be bothering your nuts anymore. (john)

“I got your PETA right here, doll face.” (josh)

While saying she took full responsibility for her error, Hillary Clinton repeatedly insisted that she had been misled by “false” intelligence on the threat of the squirrel presented by the Bush administration. (andy jack)

The board of deacons was not amused by the results of the latest youth photo scavenger hunt. (kirk)

Truth is, Beach Jeep Barbie bagged this one with her bumper, but Ken and his buddy Joe know a good photo op when they see it. (mike)

Team America: Deleted Scene (terrace crawford)

and the winner is…

a few really good ones this time. and, while those people seemed to have loved were certainly in the final of finals, this one is the one that cracked me up the most. simple, quirky, and very funny…

Gary Busey’s childhood playtime. (dan)

shoot me an email with your address and book choice, dan.

70 thoughts on “photo in need of a caption”

  1. Finding that their toy guns would not even shoot toy bullets, Joe and Larry resorted to beating the squirrel to death with their plastic rifles.

  2. After seeing what they were capable of, little Timmy swore to never let his sister dress them up in Malibu Barbie outfits ever again.

  3. Introducing the new G.I Joe theme song and series:
    (sing it like the old one)
    Yo Joe!
    He’ll fight for your yard where ever there’s trouble.
    GI Joe is there.

    It’s GI Joe against “Squirrel” the enemy
    Fighting to save the day.
    He never gives up.
    He’s always there,
    Fighting for freedom over School yard and backyards, G.I. Joe is there!

    I’d do the rest of the song but it’s long.

    Yo Joe!

  4. “Now hunting squirrels is a lot easier than hunting cats, but you got to start somewhere and work your way up to the big animals. Next week we’ll show you the proper way to stalk flying squirrels and we’ll talk about choosing a good rifle. When an animal like this charges, you have got to know your rifle can take him down.”

  5. After the middle school squirrel lock-in last night, the youth pastor squirrel was easy pickings for G.I. Joe and his crew.

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