photo in need of a caption

ah, monday morning. good time for a caption contest. best one wins the ys book o’ your choice, as usual.

(ht to rob craig for pointing out the photo)


Worst ping-pong injury EVER. (joel) (ysmarko: omg, that’s funny)

Lord Helmet has picked up a corporate sponsor. (joe t)

google goes dentistry (randy)

Google body map (tyler v)

Pluto’s revenge (jeremy)

the modern day version of jonah (thadd)

All of this high-tech equipment and they still can’t make a power chord long enough to reach the wall! (dave brower)

The end result of “googling” yourself. (jeremy)

“Life” would be so much better if I was my brother Marvin. (jeff moulton) (ysmarko: props for correctly assuming i would get this one!)

Albino Pacman’s dentist wants to quit his day job. (jeremy street)

YS, introduces a new product-the “virtual retreat”, a safe stay at home alternative for homeschooled middle schoolers (dan)

The new “google toilet” proves to be less discrete than Marko had hoped. (chad farrand)

and the winner is…

joel, with “Worst ping-pong injury EVER.” lots of great ones this time, but joel’s was wonderfully odd and made me laugh. shoot me an email with your book choice, joel!

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