photo in need of a caption

yup, it’s a real classic photo. but it’s ripe with potential for a caption contest!

whatcha got? best caption wins the ys book of your choice.

(photo ht to think christian)


wow — 100 comments in 24 hours. good job, everyone!

these are the ones that stand out (from my limited, subjective perspective) at this point…

after the most recent red punch spill on the carpet, the youth group is forever banished to the road in the new mobile youth room
Comment by ty hogue

“We use to go to the 1909 Model T Church. But now we go to the 1928 Chevy AB Roadster Church.”
Comment by John Howenstine

Comment by Jim V

Archive photo of Rick Warren before he discovered Purpose for his Driven Church
Comment by Bob

the perfect church for when the Spirit moves.
Comment by Joel Diaz

Model A Ford (Invented October 1, 1908)
Youth group Road Trip (Invented October 6th 1908)
Comment by Keith Turner

Who’s ready for the Winter Retreat of a lifetime??!!
Comment by Jim Clark

Holy rollers!
Comment by Jeff Myers

In retrospect, the stained-glass really affected visibility.
Comment by Jeff Myers

Youth Ministry 0.3
Comment by Brian

I bet his daughter hated when dad had to drop her off for school
Comment by Trey Bledsoe
(ysmarko: not so much a caption, but a dang funny comment!)

If this church is rockin, don’t come a knockin’
Comment by Heidi Renee

believe it or not, you can fit 48 middle schoolers in here!
Comment by randy

Bradley’s parents finally figured out a way to prevent their son from getting to second base on his dates.
Comment by brian aaby

Best Church Van EVER!
Comment by Kevin Klas

Pimp my ride- ministry edition.
Comment by Chris Saulnier

the ladies auxiliary board rose up in protest after it was obvious there was no room for the organ.
Comment by jess

Les Christie thinking out of the box!
Comment by Ben V

The Elders decided to bless the pastor with a new car instead of an iphone.
Comment by Ben V

The Pastor took hit and run evangelism a little too seriously…
Comment by Paul B

Bible Across America.
Comment by Mandy
(ysmarko: mandy has spent the last 1/2 year of her life in an RV for bible across america)

…Cornwall Finnigan escorted his only daughter into the vehicle, and asked only that she be returned before midnight.
Comment by John
(ysmarko: john now takes the #1 spot as the longest caption contest comment ever. dude wrote an entire short story!)

Amish mid-life crisis
Comment by Rob

and the winner is…
yeah, this choice is definitely my own bias, but brian’s caption made me laugh the most:
Youth Ministry 0.3

shoot me an email, brian

111 thoughts on “photo in need of a caption”

  1. dorothy had hope when she saw the other side of the car: “come see the amazing reverend marvel! acclaimed by the crowned heads of europe, past, present, and future!”

  2. After the good Reverend was voted out of his church, he tried the house church model. When even his own wife couldn’t stand his preaching, he tried something even more innovative.

  3. “She’s a beaut’ That there is an RV
    but, don’t you go getten attached to it now, cus we’re taking it with us when we leave next month”

  4. Realizing that the government was not likely to bail out the still-young automobile industry, a Depression-era executive choose to introduce a new model appealing to a Higher market segment.

  5. Rolling Priest Service from Faithco! Have church on your time, only when you call for it! And if you don’t like it, send it away just as quick as it came!

  6. While deconstructing the church, Zeke accidentally cracked the foundation and needed a temporary solution.

  7. An aging Roy thought the auto repairman had said he needed a new “Catholic converter” for his model T; the catalytic converter would have been a much easier fix.

  8. Hannah possessed an understated beauty. Her parents knew both the woman she was becoming and the wiles of neighborhood boys who courted her daily. Their advances began to occur with such regularity, in fact, that Cornwall and Petunia had decided long before that unusually warm August evening to turn sizing-up the character of the young bachelors into a kind of informally-scientific parlor game. For example, If a gentleman-caller walked through the neighbor’s cornfields on the way to call for Hannah, her parents surmised that he would be something of an aloof fellow with no refinement but also would not pose a threat. A slick-looking boy driving a horseless carriage, on the other hand, indicated a self-absorbed man-child with only one subject at hand, certainly not the kind of person Cornwall and Petunia would approve of for a son-in-law. Thus, it was understandable when the shrill motorized sounds of a Model-T could be discerned from Petunia Finnigan’s prize rose garden, Cornwall grabbed his buckshot and rifle and placed it within arm’s reach of his wicker rocking chair on the wraparound porch on that humid August twilight.

    Now Reverend Lancaster’s youngest son was something of an oddity, being less athletic or worldly than his two older brothers; and folks in town had resigned themselves to his eventually assuming his father’s role at the Second Church of God Savior Redeemer Assembly. He was known to keep mostly to himself, spending countless hours in the big vacant barn behind the Lancaster’s sheep farm (which the last sheep was sold off several years prior). Most recently he had disappeared for nearly an entire month straight, appearing only briefly at the general store for canned beans, a bag of rice and an orange soda twice per week. Rumor had it that the Reverend Lancaster had hoped to retire within a year, passing the reins of the church onto his youngest son — all that was left was for the homely young man to be married.

    None of this, of course, entered the mind of Cornwall Finnigan as he kept one eye slightly open and feigned sleep in that wicker chair on the wraparound porch that hot, muggy August evening. Cornwall heard the sound of an auto-mobile and was just about to yell up to Hannah to stay in her room and let him handle the scoundrel.

    And then, squinting and leaning forward into the horizon, he saw glistening in the purple-orange glow of the setting sun what seemed like the reflection of a church steeple approaching and growing larger upon its’ approach. He stood abruptly, unsure if it was the return of his blessed savior in an unlikely rapture scenario and not wanting to disrespect the LORD by appearing to nap at his appearing.

    The apparition came to rest in front of the Finnigan house, the brakes pressed down hard and fast, lurching forward and drawing out the pop of a backfire. But it wasn’t the end of days, and it wasn’t Jesus who emerged from the contraption — it was none other than young Alvin Lancaster! The two men’s eyes locked for the briefest of moments, until the preacher’s son shyly and silently stood beside the thing with his hat in his hand. Not a word. The silence was deafening.

    Cornwall Finnigan escorted his only daughter into the vehicle, and asked only that she be returned before midnight.

  9. Elijah DoGood thought, “If narrow is the road, then we better get on it.” So he took his flock in search of the most narrow roads in all the world.

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