photo in need of a caption

week three of our multi-month rampage of weekly (usually wednesday) caption contests!

and, yes, that is a bear. bring it. same rules as usual: best caption wins the ys book of yer choice.



Animal Planet’s attempt at “The Amazing Race” was a dismal failure.
Comment by Heidi Renee

Russian travel rule 17: When inviting friends over for dinner, spell out BYOB.
Comment by adam mclane (ysmarko: adam’s not actually eligible to win!)

Hey look honey, your mother is here!
Comment by Trey Bledsoe

Much to the delight of his documentary’s final audience, Borat was able to get the bear through customs and home to Kazakhstan.
Comment by Dan

Winnie the Pooh: European Vacation
Comment by Jeff Myers

We brought the heavy hitters out this time for Mail Box Bashing!
Comment by Kevin

Another escapee from Neverland Ranch.
Comment by Rob

Elisha Cab Co. Doesn’t take any guff from teenagers.
Comment by Kevin I

“This Isnt That Much Fun, stupid lying dog…”
Comment by jeremy street

Death-Cab for Cubbie
Jeff Myers

and the winner is…

some really good ones this time! i had a hard time choosing; but i’m goin’ with the one that made me laugh out loud:

Another escapee from Neverland Ranch.
Comment by Rob

congrats, rob! shoot me an email.

68 thoughts on “photo in need of a caption”

  1. Instead of Marely and me – it’s Smokey and Me.
    I bet that story is even more of a disaster

  2. The replacement for the sneezing monkey that David Letterman keeps showing on the late show.

  3. outsourcing draft pick choices for Chicago’s football team to India was a bad idea.

  4. while filming his new movie, Adam Sandler thought smugly, “The Hangover aint got nuthin on me!”

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