photo in need of a caption

love the randoms ones, and this certainly qualifies! best caption wins the ys book of yer choice…



Steve – New Approaches In Grief Counseling

othy – J.J. Abrams remake of H.R. Pufnstuf, was just not as good as his remake of Star Trek.

Brad – Though unorthodox, Dr. Zaslow was committed to his innovative creep therapy to treat Sam’s depression.

Poul Wilson – Apparently the yellow man group wasn’t as big a hit as the blue man group!

ryan – The depression monster is a real thing, don’t ignore him any longer.

joe t – father?

Rob – With no one hiring, Vacation Bible School actors ‘Grimace and Barret’ ponder their future.

Rob – Michael Stipe’s thinking place.

jimmy byrd – Skit Guys – the lost tapes

Jeff Myers – Does this outfit make me look fat?

Dusty – Nooma 23 : Twinkie

Tim – Big Bird after the defeathering process

othy – “….and just at that moment, my camouflage suit stopped working…”

jeremy street – Herman dons the Gas B Gon full body suit. It doesn’t work.

and the winner is…

man, some really funny ones this time around. tough call. but i’m gonna go with the very simple, but very funny “father?” submitted by joe t (i assume joe troyer?). joe t, send me an email.

70 thoughts on “photo in need of a caption”

  1. The Honey Monster has just visited the same hairdresser as the guy on the bench.

  2. (yellow guy)
    “Look, it’s just not going to work out. I can’t keep going to the playground with you. I’ve got my bucket of stuff to hand out and that keeps me pretty busy. And you….you…well, you have that sweater. I’m just sorry.”

  3. Hey buddy in the bench. You think you got it bad? I’m a full-time youth pastor, let me tell you about my second job.

  4. Cheer up! Look, I have a costume for you too, it’s right here in this bucket.

  5. -the economy is really bad when ninja turtles start losing their homes.

    -life is like a bucket of chocolates, you never know when a wierdo will show up with one.

    -Herman dons the Gas B Gon full body suit. It doesn’t work.

    – yellow guy: “Yeah well, you aint in Texas anymore, here in San Fransisco you are the freak!”

  6. I hate these parades when I have have to follow along and clean up after the humans.

  7. APB: man last seen on park bench next to orange furry monster. Approach with extreme caution.

  8. Time Out Monster says “Sit there and think about what you did”


    Gideon said to God “If you will save Israel by my hand as you have promised- look, I will sit on a park bench. If there is a big yellow monster with sensible shoes behind me and he is carrying a bucket, then I will know that you will save Israel by my hand, as you said.”

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