photo in need of a caption

love the randoms ones, and this certainly qualifies! best caption wins the ys book of yer choice…



Steve – New Approaches In Grief Counseling

othy – J.J. Abrams remake of H.R. Pufnstuf, was just not as good as his remake of Star Trek.

Brad – Though unorthodox, Dr. Zaslow was committed to his innovative creep therapy to treat Sam’s depression.

Poul Wilson – Apparently the yellow man group wasn’t as big a hit as the blue man group!

ryan – The depression monster is a real thing, don’t ignore him any longer.

joe t – father?

Rob – With no one hiring, Vacation Bible School actors ‘Grimace and Barret’ ponder their future.

Rob – Michael Stipe’s thinking place.

jimmy byrd – Skit Guys – the lost tapes

Jeff Myers – Does this outfit make me look fat?

Dusty – Nooma 23 : Twinkie

Tim – Big Bird after the defeathering process

othy – “….and just at that moment, my camouflage suit stopped working…”

jeremy street – Herman dons the Gas B Gon full body suit. It doesn’t work.

and the winner is…

man, some really funny ones this time around. tough call. but i’m gonna go with the very simple, but very funny “father?” submitted by joe t (i assume joe troyer?). joe t, send me an email.

70 thoughts on “photo in need of a caption”

  1. That was it, Bob would never again go to Lameland Amusement Park……this was the best ride there!

  2. Hoping to launch a new musical group, the recruiting for Yellow Day was moving at a snails pace.

  3. The bald guy says to the yellow guy (very dramatically): “You make me sick…with your yellow suit, and your bucket thing. Oh!—those weird-looking eyes with white circles around them. That’s it! I can’t even stand to look at you anymore!”

  4. side effects include depression, hallucinating large yellow freaks, and in some cases, death.

  5. No matter how hard he tried, the Two-eyed, No-horned, Walking Yellow People Painter couldn’t generate the same levels of enthusiasm as his One-eyed Purple cousin.

  6. Who gets rejected by a bucket carrying alien? Maybe E-Harmony isn’t the answer after all.

  7. mascot to the bald man on the bench:

    “Relationships are hard…you have to take off your mask…let her in to see the real you!”

  8. One of these guys is in the witness protection program – can you guess which one it is?

  9. Even Zwifter and his bucket of sidewalk chalk couldn’t cheer up Stan when he found out his board wouldn’t let him go to the YS garage sale.

  10. Apparently, youth ministry becomes even more challenging when you try to use Teletubbies to illustrate your lesson message.

  11. #1 John just kept praying it was all a bad dream.

    #2 Though it sounded good in the meeting, the costumed candy sale turned out to be a bad fundraising idea.

  12. If Steve would just turn around, he’d see his day was about to get much better.


    The sequel to Donnie Darko wasn’t nearly as good as the first one.

  13. George did not get the response he wanted. He also did not realize that his San Diego Chicken suit was inside out.


    “Everything is going to be all right.”

  14. early attempts at creating an alternative to “the electric chair” youth ministry game were just not successful such as this version which defies description

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