photo in need of a caption

i had a busy and somewhat stressful day yesterday. so i think i need a few chuckles generated by a photo in need of a caption. no big prize — just the pride of knowing you’re a WINNER! best caption, judged subjectively by little ol’ me, wins a pile o’ pride (the good kind, not the sinful kind).


Tim Mauriello
“I find your lack of filtering disturbing.”

I hate chores, if I hadn’t tried to kill Luke… he’d be doing this now!

Jeff Myers
Darth Wader

Jeff Myers
The problem with the tie-fighters is that they tend to overheat…

Effects of the galatical recession.

Trey Bledsoe
Coolest youth ministry relay race ever…

Daryl Lucas
These aren’t the plankton you’re looking for.

and the winner is…

i sure do like all of these, and they make me smile again as i read them. but i have to go with the simple wit of jeff myers and his “darth wader” on this one.

all hail jeff, grand champion of this round of ‘photo in need of a caption’. we salute you and your winningosity. hoist a cup or glass of something to yourself, now.

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  1. As a sign of these economic times, George Lucas resorts to directing “Jersey Shore, Season 2 : Snooki’s revenge”

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