photo in need of a caption

don’t know the story behind this, but it sure could be a youth group photo scavenger hunt! so, in honor of a holiday week and summer youth ministry craziness, let’s have a caption contest!

whatcha got for a caption? i might make it worth the while for the winner (depends how awesome your caption is!):

drive thru


the upside: i had a great weekend, unplugged from the internet mostly, focused on preaching in my church and resting.
the downside: i completely forgot to pick a winner (which i should have done on friday. my bad!

first, some contenders:

“And dad thought taking away the car keys would slow me down!”

Eat here and get gas!

meals on wheels took some budget cuts this year.

Brian Aaby

Aaron Geist
Churches just don’t pay for 15 passenger vans like they used to.

Kevin I
The car promised in the youth directors contract proved underwhelming. The meal plan however balanced it out

the cool bus

Jesse R
They have a bumper sticker that says my other car is a fridge box…

and the winner…

well, while there were many fun captions (many more than are listed as contenders), there was caught me off guard and caused an audible guffaw, so the win goes to jess for “meals on wheels took some budget cuts this year.”

kevin i, however, was a close runner-up; so we’ll go for BIG PRIZES for you also!

and just, you might ask, are those BIG PRIZES?

jess, you get to pick a digital book of your choice from The Youth Cartel.
kevin i, you get a digital copy of jonathan mckee’s soon-to-release The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide for Teenagers: 27 Principles of Wisdom When You’re Running for Your Life!

37 thoughts on “photo in need of a caption”

  1. Photo scavenger hunts: The youth pastor’s entertainment at the cost of the teenagers’ dignity.

  2. Dave Ramsey always says, “Life like no one else now so you can live like no one else later”.

  3. I know this isn’t a caption but when I was a youth leader we would play this game with our youth. Give them a list of scavenger hunt things they must take a picture of doing while driving their “car” and turn them loose in town. The more they got done the more points they got.

    Caption: Driver to Passenger “how did we get a rabbit on the hood?”

  4. “Dude where’s my car?”—only 2 people in the entire world will know this reference as nobody is willing to admit to seeing the movie:)

  5. Since incorporating its new “McPaleo Menu”, McDonalds has seen a sharp increase in reaching a new demographic, troglodytes.

  6. The car promised in the youth directors contract proved underwhelming. The meal plan however balanced it out

  7. Upon taking the Youth Pastor’s car, the teens start to second guess their decision.

  8. I’ll take the pavement pounder with extra wheels please .. sorry, what? Yes of course I want tires with that.

  9. I am terrified about global warming, you know, rising sea levels and all that. But, ya gotta eat.

  10. (and apart from the photo contest, I saw some middle schoolers try this at a chik-fil-a and have definitely decided it will be how we do our next middle school car rally – here’s your cardboard, design your car, let’s go)

  11. Budget cuts at First Bapticostal Church necessitated a downgrade in the youth intern’s vehicle allowance.

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