photo in need of a caption

saw this on a friend’s facebook page the other day, and felt it was screaming out to me: “Marko! Make me a Photo in Need of a Caption!” and, so, i comply.

winner gets a copy of one of our upcoming Cartel product releases! (all pretty amazing, btw)

bring it!


(so many good ones this time, i had to be picky!)

Erik Day
Meanwhile…, youth pastors in Portland, OR ReThink the knitting and crochet lock-in

The wise men’s outfits didn’t do their wisdom justice

Seattle Youth Leader Network

“We’re Sgt. Hipster’s Lonely Jackass Band.
We hope you will enjoy the ennui.”

Jeremy Duncan
Shoes optional.

Dare 2 Share 2 Much

Jeremy Best
3 of them are dressed ironically. 1 is not. Guess which one.

Bob Morman
There is a law against this somewhere in Leviticus.

Toby Shope

Michelle Hutchinson
Listen, hobby lobby had a sale and one thing led to another.

Taylor Brown
VBS grows up

(i’ll make the final call tomorrow, friday)

and the winner is…

this was a tough call, as i thought about four of them were a tie. but, can’t have that many winners. so:

Toby Shope’s “Crochetmeless!” took me a few seconds to get, then totally cracked me up. you win, toby. i’ll contact you about your prize!

thanks for playing, everyone.

30 thoughts on “photo in need of a caption”

  1. Meanwhile…, youth pastors in Portland, OR ReThink the knitting and crochet lock-in

  2. Several of Joseph’s brothers were tired of him cashing in on all those royalty checks for his coat.

  3. “Despite the initial success of their debut single, ‘Sunshine Boy’ without Mark Wahlberg the Backstreet Boys revival was short-lived.”

  4. Who will sit on the throne of knitting needles? Game of Yarns, only on the craft channel!

  5. Move over, muppets! Dr. Cheeks and Crotchet Mayhem are in town! Can you picture THAT?

  6. this month’s YM Networking meeting is BYOB (bring your own body stocking). Thankfully, the middle schoolers chose the “Artisanal Crochet elective at summer camp.

  7. Steve! I thought we agreed that I would get to where my crocheted tube top. This is so embarrassing!

  8. Sr. High Youth Champions of the Annual March Madness Basketball Tourney!

    Sr. High Youth 21
    Youth Leaders 4

  9. Unfortunately Yarn-con 2015 could not secure Hall H, rather they will meet outside Hobby Lobby.

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