photo in need of a caption

kurt johnston and i recently needed to find pics of ourselves with our best friends from middle school for one of our upcoming books (“my friends”, in the middle school survival series). both of us are still good friends with those guys. so, after digging through some old pics, i found this gem. john mathers on the right (my best friend, still a very close friend), then me, then randy rusceak (who i’ve sadly lost touch with) and john morgan (who i’ve had a bit of contact with).

but this pic just called for a caption contest. same rules as usual. i’ll judge it on wednesday. or, maybe i’ll have john judge this time!

Marko & friends in JH, medium res.jpg


High schooler John Morgan introduces his three junior high friends to the “wedgie”. (john demarco)

“Hey foxy ladies! We’ll see ya at the AWANA awards banquet on Tuesday!” (brian aaby) (ysmarko: this is a SERIOUS contender!)

Mark Ostreicher: Bringing the sexy back since 1982. (brad) (ysmarko: for it’s absurdity)

the longer the socks the shorter the shorts (riddle)

And the Winners for the Chachi look alike contest are… (bobbie)

Is this is scene from “The Wonder Years?” (brian aaby)

Hurry take the picture Magnum P.I is about to start. (lars rood)

Knock Knock who’s old? (scott) (ysmarko: BRUTAL!)

Sadly, one day after shooting the album cover for “The Disco Boys”, disco died. (len)


after much laughter and debate between me and john (really, these were hilarious this time!), we just couldn’t stop laughing at brian aaby’s “Hey foxy ladies! We’ll see ya at the AWANA awards banquet on Tuesday!” you win, brian. tell me what YS book you want.

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  1. Or… “When this foursome becomes the Three Musketeers, do you think there’s any question about who will be the odd one out?”

  2. I’ve seen into the future guys … short shorts and high socks really are not cool .. that is why I am not looking like you .. btw, that is my story and I am sticking to it

  3. “Hey foxy ladies! We’ll see ya at the AWANA awards banquet on Tuesday!”

  4. “…and yes ladies, though hard to believe, we are single…why are you laughing?”

  5. “That’s right, Ted, In a combination of three like that – their combined glow almost rivals the power of Superman’s laser vision. You gotta know John’s got to be feeling like the SUPER side kick!”

  6. After winning the Daytona Beach 1984 Blue Flame Team Championships the team of “Randy’s 2 Johns left a Marko” stepped out on the balcony of their hotel to acknowledge their fans.

  7. “One of these things is not like the others… one of these things just doesn’t belong” (sung to the children’s tune – referring to John’s missing socks)

  8. 5 minutes before the producers had the idea for the series ‘Big John, Little John’

  9. Marko and friends hanging out while their parents attended the National Youth Workers Convention.

  10. At this point, things were going well, but of course this was before the late night “lighting of the fart” incident.

  11. Picture Needs A Caption…yea right…more like “Picture Needs A Date!” (and you could read that both ways…)

  12. Oh my goodness. These comments are great. Marko, thanks for sharing. We’ll have to put our heads together and come up with a winner. These are so funny, or maybe it is us that are funny.

    Talk to you soon.

  13. Unfortunately the New Kids on The Block audition didn’t go as well as they had planned.

  14. “Marco?!?! A pastor?!?!? That’s the funniest thing we’ve ever heard!”

  15. One more late entry from a friend – very funny.

    I can see why Justin Timberlakes boy band broke up — you guys are so much cuter and they couldn’t handle the competition!

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