photo in need of a caption (hard knock life version)

busy day for me, with Summit prep out the wazoo. plus, i get to vote today. and tash mcgill arrives from new zealand tonight for her emceeing role in The Summit (tash, adam and i all fly to atlanta really early tomorrow morning). with all that: seems like a good day for a photo in need of a caption!

winner gets a free download of steve case’s book, The Youth Cartel’s Unauthorized Dictionary of Youth Ministry!


i’ll pick a winner tonight (wednesday). but here are some front runners at this point…

Jim Sparks
Here you go Mr. Carrot Top sign here…wait what?
(marko comment: i thought jim’s caption was funnier without the 2nd sentence, so i’m just shortening it!)

The wig was the only good choice Todd made that day.

I see YOU dressed as a policeman for Halloween. Trick or Treat, Officer?

D. Scott Miller
Here’s a behind the scenes look at the extended vetting process involved in the search for new staff partners for the Youth Cartel.

(marko comment: makes no sense, but totally made me snort.)

You said you were on your way to which Cartel Event again?

“The last thing I remember? Well, I was at a lock-in…”

and the winner is…

adam and i voted. we’re going with the hilariously twisted caption from Jess: “The wig was the only good choice Todd made that day.”

shoot me an email, jess ([email protected]), and we’ll get your prize to you!

34 thoughts on “photo in need of a caption (hard knock life version)”

  1. Here you go Mr. Carrot Top sign here…wait what? Oh I’m sorry Ms. Annie, thought you were someone else. Sign here.

  2. And while you’re at it, shave those legs, ma’am. While it won’t help your form, it will help your chances. Have a nice day.

  3. “He’s about this high, light brown, longish fur, and responds to the name “Sandy.” He also responds to the song “Hard-Knock Life.”

  4. “First name Raggedy, same as yours? Last name Andy? And you haven’t seen him since the ’70s? Thank you. I think I have everything I need Miss Ann.”

  5. do you have any relatives named Napoleon….Napoleon Dynamite that is? Oh OK, sorry to associate you with a known felon. Vote for Pedro!

  6. So you mean to tell me that this cocaine isn’t yours, it belongs to a “Miss Hannigan” ?

  7. Annie: Who would want to kill Mr. warbucks?
    Policeman: The Bolsheviks, dear. He’s living proof that the American system really works and the Bolsheviks don’t want anyone to know about that.
    Annie: The Bolsheviks? Leapin’ lizards!

  8. Officer Jones ribbon tying skills were called into question after an All Saints Day run in with his son’s missing kindergarten teacher.

  9. Sure the sun will come out tomorrow, but annie won’t be able to see it from her cell.

  10. So you’re telling me Willow Smith is replacing you as Annie…..whip your fro back and forth!

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