photo in need of a caption (mock marko edition)

recently, adam shot a video of me teaching a bit of junior high ministry stuff for a uthmin online conference jeremy lee and coach shef are putting on. and when i watch the rough video, i just crackeded up at the completely dorky expression on my face in the final shot (when the video stops at the end).

i thought it would be a great chance for you to mock me with captions. in fact, i don’t imagine i will pick a winner who isn’t poking fun at me in some way.

sure, there will be prizes (probably a copy of one of The Youth Cartel’s new books!).

so: i lay myself before thee, and taunt you with, “is that all you’ve got?”

marko zoning out


not as many entries this time, but a high average quality!

here are the ones that made me crack up the most:

Marko learns that Gillette want to be sponsors of the next Youth Cartel Summit.

nickole huffman
“Excuse me, Adam. My eyes are up HERE.”

Depends, I’m using them right now!

Brian Aaby
Staring contest begins in 3…2…1…

You are what you eat. I ate a sexy beast this morning. How about you?

releasing fart in 3…2…


but the one of those that literally made me snort, followed by a single sound that was either a laugh or a bark, was Jeramy’s “Depends, I’m using them right now!”

part of that is because the old SNL “Oops! I Crapped My Pants” commercial is a family favorite.

but either way, jeramy wins! let me know what TYC book ya want, j-man!


22 thoughts on “photo in need of a caption (mock marko edition)”

  1. Adam- how can I possibly make sense of any message when attractive blondes are walking dogs down the street? (It is the middle school guy in me that is distracted.)

  2. “Marko, we’re going to have to start this from the top…again… That dog just won’t stand still for more than 12 minutes.”

  3. They told him to move away from the tree… And then realized it was beardy growing out the back.

  4. Local man found. It is unsure who he is but it appears that his shirt has some sort of a Republican Vs. Democrat thing going on. Our only hope is to define what MSMC my….. really means.

  5. California man announces his run for the White House…Marko is a member of the political party: “My Street, My Country” and currently works as a Waste Management Specialist.

  6. The CIA captured this video of the man they assumed to be Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi shortly before they arrested him. Witnesses say his membership in some kind of Cartel didn’t help matters…

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