photo in need of a caption, tomato on a train edition

i could use a laugh today!

and while i’m sure this photo isn’t actually a youth ministry moment, we ALL know it could be!

best caption gets (ooh, ready for this??!?!) a digital copy of one of our three new books (releasing in a week or two):
Youth Ministry in a Post-Christian World
Redefining the Role of the Youth Worker

bring it!



great stuff this time. here are the ones that really tickled my fancy, so to speak:

Bob knew it was going to be a rough day, but he never thought he’d get canned.

J Gee
After the accident, Bob the Tomato’s ministry remains active

Wes Pardue
Do you want tomato on your sub?

Out of respect for privacy, the tomato turned his back because he noticed the salad dressing

Marty Estes
Michael Bay’s vision of Veggie Tales didn’t quite match up with the original.

Jonathan Hobbs
Timmy learned the hard way that the kids that told him about “dress up like a tomato day” were lying.

Rob September
When a starving vegan hallucinates…

and the winner is…

i’m goin’ with J Gee’s “After the accident, Bob the Tomato’s ministry remains active,” though i dropped the second sentence of his caption, since i thought it was funnier with only the first sentence! everyone raise a glass of tomato juice in honor of j gee!

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  1. “I feel so much lighter than when i left the house this morning. Maybe stopping at the sandwich shop wasn’t such a good idea after all.”

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