photo in need of a caption (winter sports edition!)

happy day! it’s a winter sports (of sorts) edition of photo in need of a caption.

winner gets a download of Stations of the Cross, by Steve Case, a new curriculum resource from The Youth Cartel releasing in a couple weeks!


lots of funny ones this time; but here are my completely subjective top contenders…

“The last time Johnny misses the bus for school.”

Mark Ordus
Speaking of segues…

Pastor Johnson was regretting the board’s decision to sell the church van and go with something cheaper.

Next time on “Ice Road Segways”…

James Brown
Instead of riding on dad’s shoulders, “Captain Poopy Pants” was relegated to a long and embarrassing sled ride home.

The research and development team from The Youth Cartel hard at work on “Game Idea Book: Wisconsin Edition”

Dad, stop crop dusting!

Eat your heart out chimpanzee. I have my own Segway now.

Kirk Moore

Fargo residents Jerry & Timmy Lundegaard celebrate the first day of summer

and the winner is…

i’m speaking at a great youth event in tupelo, mississippi this weekend. 1300 teenagers from 18 churches in tupelo. really cool how the churches work together on this event. anyhow, there’s a great worship band of guys from nashville, and i’ve enjoyed getting to know them and work with them. i asked them to vote on the winner, and they were unanimous. and i agree with their choice.

the winner is Mark Ordus’s creative and witty “Speaking of segues…” brilliant.

mark: you get a downloadable copy of the new curriculum resource from The Youth Cartel, Stations of the Cross. it’s set to release in early february, in time for use during lent. congrats!

39 thoughts on “photo in need of a caption (winter sports edition!)”

  1. Son – “Are you sure this is safe?”
    Dad – “Either way, don’t tell your mother!”

  2. “This is not what Billy had in mind when he told his dad he needed a better segway for his ice routine”

  3. “Well Timmy, if you grow up right, and work really hard, and really apply yourself, someday you’ll be a giant tool too.”

  4. Pastor Johnson was regretting the board’s decision to sell the church van and go with something cheaper.

  5. “Hey dad, can this go any faster? Yes son, but they don’t have snow tires for this thing yet.”

  6. Coming Soon: the follow-up to the smash hit “Paul Blart Mall Cop”. “Paul Blart Pond Patrol – Rookie in Training!”

  7. Remember them “Better Off Dead/80’s movies”:
    The Paper Boy (“I want my $2!”) and his son

  8. “Sorry, Junior… I just HAD to buy this Space Transportation Device for myself for Winter Solstice… there was only $8.67 left for your dumpy sled.”

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