pitts out

so i head home from another youth workers convention. this one was great, but it just wore me out. in the first half of my general session talk yesterday, i kept finding my mind wandering while my mouth was saying something else (especially when i was reading a quote or a passage). this is a terrifying thing — to be standing in front of 2000 or so people, giving a closing convention talk, and have your mind wandering. and then i started to think about the fact that my mind was wandering, and how annoying that was — all the while continuing to speak about identity and our calling to suffer. eventually, i was able to shut that down, somehow, after telling myself (in my mind — while still speaking): you have to get more sleep at the nashville convention. this is happening because you stayed up so late, stupid.

last night, a few of us ys staff went to church brew works for dinner, which is a surreal experience. it’s a beautiful old catholic church that’s been lovingly restored. and the center aisle and all kind of other interior stuff is still in place (to get to the restroom, i had to walk from our table up the center aisle — it felt like i was responding to an alter call!). but it’s also pretty weird seeing the micro-brew tanks up on the alter. after dinner, a good portion of the ys staff who are here gathered in my suite for a last hoorah; but none of us had much hoorah in us. we sat around in a big circle, expecting lively conversation to commence. but everyone was so completely exhausted, we had l-o-n-g conversation lulls constantly. eventually we got an ’embarrassing moments’ kind of thing going, and caught a bit of conversational steam for about 20 minutes, before feeling we could all say goodnight and crash.

i fly home today — can’t wait to see my kids (haven’t seen them since last monday morning when jeannie and i left for the dreaded snow-covered delay-inducing denver).

i’ve updated this list of bloggers from the convention. i’m sure some will have follow-up posts and thoughts.

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  1. Awesome NYWC! : ) I totally put a picture of you on my blog. Just out of curiousity … when did the fascination with kilts begin? I think I saw you in at least two over the week …

  2. Marko,
    You did a great job closing yesterday. I thought it was better than most of the speaker all weekend. You and your staff continue to bless and encourage youth workers world wide and we feel it. If your one week of late nights and non-stop schedule allows us to stop & breathe than carry on.

    Also, nice job calling out the “willy”.

  3. We also enjoyedthe Church Brew Works, thought we were the only ones who knew about it. Definitely added to my dichotomous weekend and I loved the buffalo burger.

  4. Marko-

    I want to thank you for another great convention. I, too, am exhausted from the convention and back at my “real job”, but renewed and refreshed and ready to take on my passion of leading kids to Christ. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who can no longer do everything at the convention – age does catch up to us sometimes – I’m only a couple years younger than yac. You and Tic and Karla and Mindy and Sarah and David and Jody and the rest of the gang at YS rock!

  5. Oh no you can’t be thinking of going to bed earlier in Nashville. I am preparing for very late night discussions and making sure you are staying up very late too. I am even going to be going into a pre-nashville training of preparing my self mentally, physically and emotionally for late nights and minimal sleep.

  6. It is good to see that people at YS made their way to the Brew Works. It is a treasure that was sadly too far away from the Convention Center to walk to. However, my friend and I stopped on our way back to school on Monday.

    For more info (including pictures) go to

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