pittsburgh sunday

what a great day. louie giglio hit it out of the park again this morning in the general session, talking about worship, challenging the consumerism we’ve brought to contemporary worship. he had a great word play (as he usually does), presenting the idea that, in worship, we’re supposed to be the consumee, not the consumer — we’re to be consumed.

i did my “rant from a runt about what’s wrong with the american church” today. great group of people. somehow i finished my stuff in an hour (i took the whole 90 minutes in sacramento), and we had a fantastic half-hour of questions and discussion. really enjoyed it. i think i’ll create a series of posts about this sometime in the future (after nashville).

then tonite, we had a wonderful surprise. chris tomlin was in the middle of his worship set, and brought matt redman on the stage (i’m sure other ys staff knew matt was here, but it somehow didn’t get on my radar). i was out in the crowd singing along when he brought matt up, so i experienced it from that place, rather than from backstage. the two of them co-lead a handful of songs together. i had a weird mind-blip during this: once i was in a comedy club in LA, in hollywood, and robin williams jumped out of the crowd onto the stage. a few minutes later, richard pryor stepped onto the stage (i don’t think robin williams even knew he was there). they put their heads together and whispered for a minute or so, and then ad-libbed a 20 minute fashion show. it was one of the most hilarious spontaneous things i’ve ever seen. i know it’s a weird comparison, but chris and matt co-leading worship had that vibe — not in a “wow, what a great show” way, but that the leading in worship was just that much more. for me, it actually took the attention off of a single worship leader and put the attention more squarely on god.

tonite, i’m joining a handful of ys staff to watch extreme makeover: home edition — for this very cool reason. we’ve been long friends of an amazing ministry called camp barnabas. it’s a camp for developmentally handicapped kids, and they use youth groups as the one-on-one guides for the campers every week. anyhow, camp barnabas is the focus of the tv show tonite — they’re doing an “extreme makeover” of the camp. should be a tear-jerker!

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  1. I’m buying the cd of your rant … I had been planning on coming until I heard Duffy and Tony were going to have a fist fight about the emergent church. Man, that room was packed … apparently everyone wanted to see who would win. ; )

  2. I was at the Sacramento Convention. Louie’s message was one of my favorites. We often talk in our youth group about how worship is way more than singing at church, but the very way that you live your life! Louie took it even further. Amazing.

    Ditto about the Rant from the Runt. Should I consider the purchase anybody? Thanks, Aaron

  3. It was a tear jerker! My mom and I watched it. There is a family in my parents church whose son goes to Camp Barnabas every summer. So her pastor got up and told everyone to watch it. I love that show. Any show that can have you in tears in the first 5 minutes has to be good.

  4. yeah, brian, i think rob’s spoken at three of the last four years. so we thought it made sense to skip a year. we’re hoping to have him back next year — but he’s saying “no” to all speaking gigs at this point.

  5. Louie was awesome, as was Chris and Matt. Whole convention, again, was sooo cool! So spiritually refreshing! Soo affirming! God is sooo awesome!! P.S. Loved the kilts!!!! ;-)

  6. I love the Extreme Makeover Home Edition. It is so amazing what some people have been through and do not take a thing for granted. Then to bless them with so much. It is an AWESOME show.
    I am getting pumped to go to Nashville here soon. I attended the convention last year in Atlanta, it was WONDERFUL! Definatly moving, educational, and fun.

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