technically, this is a game (i got through level 14 on my first try, which wasn’t great, i’m assuming). but i enjoyed the visual aspect of the three-dimmensional rotating pixels. just move your mouse around to spin the grouping of pixels in space until they line up to create the image in the top right corner.

(the music, btw, is horrid, and must be turned off!)

(ht to neatorama)

6 thoughts on “pixels”

  1. I got to level 33… but I figured out early on that the pixels that seem the farthest away at the beginning always end up “close to the camera”, if that makes sense. Then every image only took like 2 seconds.

  2. Marko – Somehow I rocked this game! I completed 51 images on my first try. Hate to say it, but it needs to be said, “I am the man!”

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