please help my friend jason

one of the guys in my “young notorious sinners” accountability group is jason hildebrand. jason lives in toronto, and is an actor who writes and performs one-man plays. most recently he’s been performing his “blue like jazz live” performance, based on donald miller’s bestselling book.

well, jason had an experience we would all love to avoid: he literally fought for his life against a flesh-eating disease. he’s been in the hospital for a month and is just not starting to recover at home after surgery.

of course, as a solo performer, jason’s family relies on his performances for their livelihood. and, with jason out of commission for a number of months, they’re going to be seriously hurting.

another one of the guys in our group — mark dowds — has set up a way for people to give money through a cool web 2.0 giving site called “give meaning”. what we need right now, though, are votes. in order for the project to receive canadian tax-deductable donation status (jason and the give meaning site are canadian), the project needs 100 votes on the give meaning site. i mean, if you’d like to give a little to help jason and his family, that would be wonderful. but if you could take a couple minutes to click through and “vote”, that would be fantastic! thanks. VOTE HERE.

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