please pray

the person buying our home has been very high maintenance, and very unwilling to compromise on things. today, the appraisal on our house came in, and it was 13K under the agreed price. we compromised, and offered to split the difference, but she is unwilling to budge, and is demanding a reduction of the entire difference. and we can’t do that. it ruins the financial scenario for our move and purchase. i think the whole thing is going to fall apart, and we’re so discouraged at the moment that we hardly know how to respond. our agent is hoping that the person we’re buying from will flex, given the situation and the impending loss of selling his house. so we’ll see.

please pray for us. my wife is in tears, and we both feel like pulling back and staying put, which doesn’t really solve anything either.


thanks for praying, and for your encouragement. we’re finding some possible solutions this morning. all is not lost — yet. :)

i’m sure you’ll here more from me on this! i think we’ll know one way or the other by the beginning of next week.

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  1. Man – I hate the whole house buying/selling thing. My wife and I have been frustrated in a situation like that in the past and we always have found that things work out just fine, but that doesn’t help with the stress. Our prayers are with you tonight.

  2. Here’s a thought (I’m sure you have had the same thought, but decided to share it anyway). In a previous post you said that you were downsizing to the tune of $300,000 in savings. If you give up the 13,000 that this buyer is asking for, you are still up $287,000 – still great. Maybe it is more complicated than that since I wasn’t a math major.

  3. Prayed for you today bro. He is faithful. I know you know this and tell people this all the time, but it is good to hear sometimes from others. He WILL take care of you. Rest in that fact today.

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