please pray!

even though it’s uncommonly warm here in mendoza (winter just ended here), and about 75 today (expected to be in the mid-80s tomorrow), there was a snow storm up in the pass through the andes (very close to here). the pass closed yesterday afternoon to all traffic. we’re expecting about 600 or more chilean youth workers at this event; but they are all driviing over the mountain pass in busses. if the pass doesn’t open today, they’ll miss the convention.

oh, and pray for me. i’m doing a 2 1/2 hour seminar this afternoon that i’m not ready for yet; and i’m speaking in the opening general session tonite. i knew i was doing a general session, but didn’t know it was the first one. i came semi-prepared, so spent the morning finishing that up; now i have about an hour to prep for the seminar before i go down to give it.

5 thoughts on “please pray!”

  1. God of inspiration and perspiration, Saint Ignatius and Saint Christopher be in this man’s mind and heart and mouth and fill him with your words. Make him the loudspeaker, the channel, the tool, the method by which you love is shared to these people waiting to hear him speak. Let him be funny , touching, educational, inspirational, and fill him with the engergy to infect his audience with your wisdom and love amen.

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