7 thoughts on “polarbear dancing”

  1. Or he should work for Y.S., or maybe he does… That hair-doo and gotee look really familiar.

    I say NYWC 2008 – December, Cleveland, This Guy, Opening the first General Session!

  2. Makes one appreciate San Diego doesn’t it?

    Now I know why I no longer live in Ohio … I would be tempted to do that too!

  3. Cleveland?!?!?! Oh, stink… I didn’t see that before. I just moved close by to Cleveland two months ago.

    Dang it. That guy could be coming to my church on Sunday.


    free press.

    Yeah! That guy can definitely be coming to my church this Sunday.

    (And this, folks, is yet another example of a pastor selling out for free press – thank you, and good night)

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