pomegranate-melon margaritas

i made up a killer drink yesterday for cinco de mayo. at least i think i made it up — i don’t remember ever seeing it anywhere.

mix 1 part tequila to 3 parts margarita mix (tip: never use the cheapest of either).
add equal splashes of pom 100% pomegranate juice and midori melon liquour.

i normally make midori margaritas (melon margaritas). it’s my “drink specialty”. and i’ve had pomogranite margaritas before at restaurants. but everyone at our cinco de mayo pool party yesterday was skeptical prior to trying it, then fanatically stoked after trying it.

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  1. Ok so I freaked out al ittle bit here in Texas yesterday. Cinco de Mayo isn’t celebrated in Dallas. Crazy I know. Now I have to rely on standbuys like Memorial Day and 4th of July. Not enough holiday’s to mix drinks too in Texas. But, maybe I’ll tip a little out for the Alamo…..got figure out when to remember it.

  2. 1 part tequila to 3 parts mix? I usually do a 1 to 1 and use lime juice and triple sec for my ritas (so I guess really a 1 to 1 to 1)…no mix for me.

    Sounds interesting though…maybe I’ll try it some day.

  3. yeah, brian, i’m a wimp on using limes. sure is nice when they’re fresh, though. and, you’re right, i probably go more 1 part to 2 parts. thing is, with the midori, i’ve found they can be too strong (and i like them strong) if i’m not careful.

  4. Yeah, after I posted that I wondered if the midori would make it too strong. I’ve no experience with midori, other than having a sip of my mom’s midori- pineapple drink when I was like 13 or something.

    anyway, thanks for the recipe! Maybe I’ll make some some for a youth leaders summer celebration/ thank you party. Don’t worry, I won’t call them “Youth Specialties Ritas” but I will give you credit. :)

  5. I can’t believe no one has tried calling the pomegranate/melon drink a “markorita.” Am I the only one this cheesy? Sounds tasty by the way/

  6. For the very best margarita mix — squeeze your own lemons and limes in equal parts — no sugar added.

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