possible city slogans for san diego

i live in a ‘burb of san diego (el cajon), california. in case you don’t know, san diego is a beautiful city on the pacific, with a gorgeous coastline, a wonderful bay, and nestled right up against mexico. we have the most temperate climate in the u.s. — just consistently in the 70s and 80s and occasionally the 90s. very little rain. i can use my pool more than half the year, my hot tub year ’round, and never wear an actual coat (maybe a hoodie on occasion).

it’s a good city.

but today i cracked up, passing from another suburb into the san diego city limits, and noticing a small sign that said ‘welcome to san diego’, and then had a city slogan i’d never seen before: ‘a city worthy of our affection’.

i found this extremely odd, bland, understated and non-descript. so i started thinking of alternatives…

more tourists than ohio, but not as many as orlando.

tijuana close, but with flush toilets.

our lack of rain makes us 90% emo-free!

ridiculous housing prices, but we have beaches.

fish tacos without a border crossing.

shamu says hi!

#1 in caged animals.

no, it doesn’t mean a whale’s vagina (ht to ron burgundy)

run for the border!

less traffic than L.A.

2 thoughts on “possible city slogans for san diego”

  1. You can probably add…”Home of El Cajon, the middle finger of San Diego!”


    “Home of El Cajon, the armpit of San Diego!”


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