possible hot water

here are the sentences that might get me into trouble with some, from my sermon this coming weekend:

Our identity as loved, created beings, chosen to be light in the world, doesn’t make us afraid of, superior to, isolated from, or hostile toward people who aren’t following Jesus – just the opposite: our identity invites us to love the world, regardless of race, religion, political views, sexual orientation, or any other difference – moral or amoral.

The light doesn’t say to the darkness, “you suck! I’m here to obliterate you!” It says, in a humble, almost child-like voice, “Here I am. I’m here to bring warmth and illumination.”

15 thoughts on “possible hot water”

  1. Thanks, Marko, for sharing the truth. In light of your post last month about judgmentalism, your comments in the sermon beautifully illustrate the power that we really have as Christians–not that of coercive condemnation, but that of inviting love and grace.

  2. I think the second comment about light is an awesome way to put the comparison, and I do not think it would get you into “trouble” with anyone.

    The first comment, I had to read three times in order to get it, if you say it kind of slow and repeat it, I think the majority of people will “get it”, and I do not think that it is a controversial statement by any means.

  3. Great insight. The first comment took me awhile to process. The second is very powerful and right to the point. I agree and I am glad that you are placing so much time into preparing your heart for this message. :La:Paz:Sam: http://www.thenxtlevel.org

  4. First off, for a punk with hair issues, you sure can preach !

    What struck me was how both warmth & illuminatation come from a fire – not a raging forest fore (like those in your environs) or a Bic lighter. More like a camp fire, that has to be tended and housed in a community.

    illuminate: Middle English illuminaten, from Latin illminre, illmint- : in-, in; see in-2 + lminre, to light up

  5. thanks to your fine input, sarah and sam, i’ve modified a sentence that could have caused some of the difficulty.

    the wording is a tiny bit moot, i suppose, as who knows what i’ll actually say when i’m in the middle of the sermon — i don’t script them.

  6. great stuff, marko. I don’t think you’d get in hot water for that.

    now if you quoted Donald Miller in Blue Like Jazz when he says that his identity in Christ must cause him to love the fundamentalist, whack-o Republicans (like I did last month)…that might get you into some interesting conversations!!! haha…

    preach it…

  7. I look forward to reading about the ‘hot water.’ Of course you’ll get some water…but I don’t think we’re doing our job if we don’t rock the boat and create some waves sometimes…(or all the time, I’m not sure…)

  8. seems to me, no matter how “tame” that might sound, you will find some hot water to sit in. but hey, i figure if you get in hot water for that kind of comment, than so be it!

  9. 1. so you do not believe in myths ?
    (now ther is a question to get you in DEEP, DEEP water)

    2. come to think of it, you DO look frog-like

  10. I truly hope you don’t get into any hot water over those two, very true, very needed statements.

  11. Just turn out all the lights before your sermon, wear a glow in that dark wet suit and it should all be good!

    It’s important to remind people the war isn’t against people who do things we think are wrong. It’s against the one who leads them into doing them. Like Donald Miller quoted – “In a war, you don’t shoot the hostages.”

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