post #1000


really, i know it doesn’t matter.

but i knew my 1000th post was coming up, and it just seemed, i don’t know, that it should be a substantive post.

but NO. i unknowingly made my 1000th post the basest of the base — the one before this: a post linking to underwear and cuddle toys of pee and poo.

i guess when i prayed, ‘please god, make me more humble’… well, let’s just say this wasn’t what i had in mind. so, here i go on my 2nd kilo.

3 thoughts on “post #1000”

  1. Okay, if you were a junior high guy updating his blog on myspace, that would have been the best post ever (actually, I know it is because I forwarded the link onto a few of my junior high guys and just guess what’s the hottest thing on myspace now? “My youth minister gave me the link to poo and pee.”)

  2. It’s good to see that your posts just get better the longer you blog. I’m glad to see that 1000 was something so important in the youth ministry world. Congrats! I’m looking forward to another 1000 of Jesus Junk and pee and poo novelty items. Only the best from Marko!

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