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some time ago, ypulse pointed to a new post secret for girls, hosted on the allykatz site for tween girls. according to the press release, in less than 48 hours, more than 425 “secrets” were posted. as i write this, there are more than 800.

some of the secrets are what one might expect from 10 – 15 year old girls, but are still a great insight into their lives:

“I daydream about kissing, and having a true love, DURING SCHOOL. and I read tons of romantic manga and just eat it up! I want a boyfriend! But I’m just twleve… I NEED LOVE THOUGH!”

“theres this guy who likes me but won’t admite it and i kinda like him too but hes a big jerk and is really mean to my bffs………but i like him so much……..”

“I had a making out party secretly I made out with three different guys, I feel really bad.”

“i made out with her boyfriend. ”

“secretly i hate pink but i pretend to like it for some reson that’s unknown.”


“I want my period so badly!!”

others are deeply sad or scary:

“Sometimes I wish a terrorist would come into my school and kill all the mean people. I hate my school and the people there. ecxept for my close friends.”

“I had “it” with a guy and i am pregnat”

“I am 14, I’ll be 15 in May, and I weigh 208. I was skinny b4 I had my tonsils taken out, b/c I couldn’t eat b/c my throat was always swolen closed. I want to be skinny so so badly. I did weigh 245 b4 my first year of marching band, but now I’m not loosing anymore and I can never find clothes. I’ve never had a boyfriend. I want one, but.. well no guys like FAT gurls. I wish I could loose alot of weight w/o being Anorexic or Bulemic”

“I got molested when i was 9 or 10.I cry miself to sleep EVERY night.”

“i wanna have Bulimia soooooooo bad!!”

“ok il give this to you straight. I cut myself and i wish i was dead. i bet you all hate me now. i dont care. everyone else hates me too. so there.”

“i cut myself”

reading the entire list is like a crash course into the secret thought lives of tweens and young teens.

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  1. its incredible to see the innocent dreams of a young child put up against the contrast of another child who has been so badly scarred. it breaks my heart.

  2. Have you watched this video about teen depression and Jesus? I think it can help us reach this kids.

  3. Some of that is so sad… some is funny. Very good insight. If parents read this they will start freaking out… Is that my daughter?

    The adult version of this is in print form and is so disturbing… I bought it anyway… actually I bought both. I think they have 3 of them now. Secrets reveal so much about humanity. I wonder what youth ministers might share if they had the opportunity… It might be too scary to read…

  4. A couple of students did a post secret for our Christian college campus. I think it reminded us that we’re not exempt from the problems of the world.

  5. I wanted a boyfriend forever, then I was lucky enough to find a guy at my friend’s church and he’s pretty amazing. He’s done somethings in his past, but i know im helping him. Now i feel like im losing God in my life, and my bf wants me to get him back, but luckily, i found this website and youth specialties and after just a week i feel like my life is getting back on track! thanx Marko!

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