post-tour recovery

back at my desk, my rock-and-roll life is over.

i’m really glad i stayed an extra day on the tour, because i got to see university baptist church in waco (the david crowder band’s home church). while with the band for a few days, i continually noted how ‘normal’ they are, considering what they do. i saw why sunday morning: the guys in the band are grounded at ubc. they’re normal there — not celebrities. and they’re smart enough (intuitively or by choice) to know that it’s worth going way out of their way to be home on sunday mornings.

i was also greatly encouraged by the obvious pastoral heart david and toni have for ubc. it’s ever-present for them, in their thinking and hearts. they’re constantly thinking, brainstorming, talking, considering, how to help the church both stay on mission and move toward the future (especially in light of the tragic death of their friend and lead pastor, kyle lake, several months back). it’s difficult to describe why this was so encouraging to me: so let’s just leave it at that.

saturday night, after we arrived in waco at about 1am, i got to sleep in the loft in the studio david and toni built in the barn behind their home. if sleeping in a barn loft sounds like hay bales and drafts, you are not picturing this barn. this thing needs to be in architectural digest. toni has a truly shocking design sense.

ok — back to work.

3 thoughts on “post-tour recovery”

  1. Marko,

    Man, i am totally jealous that you got to tour with DC*B! Next time you go take me with you. I’l be your PA. You can order me around like i was your intern or something!

  2. naw, you really left me alone. if i had been smart i woulda spent WAY less time in the trailer. I still tell the story of how you saved us all from that dog in Mexico. Funny how it new english. (or maybe it was that angel in front of us) who knows. Galeana, what a place.
    still wanting to live like heaven is a real place


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