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steve argue posted a wonderful list of ‘what if’ questions to himself as he comes to the national youth workers convention, in an attempt to (as he writes) make the convention experience more pilgrimage than spring break trip. how cool would it be if all 4000 of us assumed the posture provided by these questions.

What if I treat the NYWC as a holy pilgrimage rather than a spring break trip? How might this radically alter my weekend rhythm?

What if, in conversations with fellow youthworkers, I look for ways to share what I’m working on, rather than highlight what I’ve accomplished?

What if seek clarity to understand someone with a different perspective, even if I disagree with them, suspending all judgment?

What if I went to the seminar that I deem, “most uncomfortable” for me?

What if I consciously erase all sub-culture, Christian language from my vocabulary and attempt to express myself more intentionally this weekend?

What if I never mention youth ministry numbers or how long I’ve been in ministry?

What if I skip one meal and, that same day, give the money to someone I sense needs it, and not tell a soul?

What if I journaled throughout my whole weekend journey and resisted all forms of summary and generalization?

What if I posture myself to eliminate one thing from my ministry that’s getting in the way of my students’ formation before adding anything new?

What if I look for changes that need to happen in me, before I look for changes that need to happen in my ministry?

What if I made space for silence this weekend?

thanks, steve. great questions to frame attending any ministry conference or convention.

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4 thoughts on “posturing for the convention”

  1. I am not able to attend any of the conventions this. Kinda sucks.
    I am so stealing, borrowing, using, ripping off these thoughts thougg as I think that they can be applied to other activities and “self retreats”

    Thanks to steve and marko.

    Chris saulnier

  2. those are some wonderful thoughts. funny retreats that help with these practices are out there, but we never go to them as youth ministers… reflective of our youth ministries to opt for the “spring break” over spiritual practice?

  3. After attending Will Penner’s Seminar about Mission trips as Pilgrimage, I was thinking something similar. I am with Gordon, this is going on the office wall!

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