potential worst church idea of the month award, if it’s real

please, someone from tustin, california (where i used to live), or santa ana, or anywhere near there… PLEASE tell me this is a doctored photo and not real. please. oh, sweet jesus, please? (read the small print)

UPDATE: oh, i’m so relieved to have found this came from lark news, the church parody site. whew.

(ht to ty at everyday faith)

7 thoughts on “potential worst church idea of the month award, if it’s real”

  1. Marko,
    I was about to say I live just 2 miles away from there…and would be happy to do some investigating for you on it… but it appears that it is no longer needed. :)

  2. Hey Marko!

    Thanks for figuring out that this isn’t real! I’ve had it on my computer for a while…but never knew where it came from. Thanks for dropping by my site! Yours is a daily read!



  3. hey tom! i know who you are — you’re that guy who stayed at my house for a week!

    yeah, CMS (church marketing sucks) is an interesting site. i think many people, at first contact, think like i did, that it’s just a site for making fun of bad church marketing, or railing against it. but it’s actually a site BY marketers, trying to raise the bar.

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