pray for the ys conventions

today was a day of prayer for the national youth workers conventions (sorry, forgot to tell you all ahead of time). we had an all-staff prayer time this morning, then had 20-minute slots for prayer all day long in our prayer chapel. the (current) list of attendees is spread out on the floor in there, and our staff are invited to pray for the event however they like (though i usually use the time to pray through a section of names on the attendee list).

our prayer is that youth workers would be refreshed, encouraged and built up; that they would have their thinking challenged; and that they would experience both the present christ and the fraternity/sorority of youth workers.

3 thoughts on “pray for the ys conventions”

  1. Thanks for praying! That means the world to me to know that you and the staff are praying for us. I am really looking forward to the convention. Thank you.


  2. I haven’t been to the convention for three years, but let me just say that I’m touched that you all pray for the attendees. I can only assume that you’ve been doing that for years, and believe me, there were a couple of coventions that I needed the prayers.
    Thanks to all of you – I feel totally blessed right now, even though I’m not going this year.

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