pretty john edwards

this cracked me up. can’t believe edwards let someone have the camera rolling during this. he sure seems to obsess over that bit-o-bangs just above his left eye. watch him licking the hairspray off his lips in the last few seconds – pretty funny stuff.

(ht to matt reeve, via email)

5 thoughts on “pretty john edwards”

  1. Now, Marko, surely a guy who wears braids shouldn’t be taking on a guy who looks all Wall Street, no? :-) Besides, I’d doubt that he knew it was being taped!

  2. Wow now I feel bad for wanting this guy to be president in 04. Pretty sure he knew the cameras were rolling, but probably figured it would never get out. Stuff like this always is happening before it goes live. Back in the day when the Huge satellite dishes were popular one of the funnest things to watch was a live feed. Because during commercial breaks you would always hear the people say things or do things that they would not normally do on the air.

  3. fair enough, jen. but, i wasn’t so much making fun of his nice, clean-cut hair, as much as i was making fun of the obsession he had with that one little section of his bangs, trying to get that perfectly-in-place, yet completely-natural balance just right. you could almost here him thinking, “if i just run my fingers through this part one more time, it will be perfect.”

  4. that’s a hilarious clip. the music adds humor, of course. but it’s a great illustration for teens about who we are when life’s cameras are rolling — and who we are if we think the cameras are “off.”

    in some ways, in the 21st century, the “cameras” are never off. just ask john edwards. or george bush back on labor day 2000. or cnn’s kyra phillips from last year. the list goes on and on.

    i almost got caught in this trap once. i was covering a city council meeting for our newspaper, and i needed to talk with a councilmember about an upcoming article. we spoke, and i thought about making a comment about a co-worker who had been causing problems for this councilmember. but i passed on it. glad i did, because friends later told me they had heard my conversation on the cable access channel broadcasting the meeting. whew.

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