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so here’s a question for my UK friends: i’m constantly amazed that the UK produces SO many of the most excellent modern rock groups (i was inspired to post this by andrew jones’ post about muse). many of my favorite bands come from britain. BUT, every time i’m in england or ireland, and turn on the radio, all i can find is top-40 dance crap. i’ll change stations for hours, trying to find one that plays great modern rock — the bands that should be and are hometown heros. but i can’t find it. what’s with that?

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  1. I blame the plethora of pseudo-talent shows like American and Pop Idol which are nothing more than glorified kareoke contests. The music produced from this stable has pillaged the past and is more about marketing rather than quality or talent… personality matters more than music in.

    Bring back the Clash!

  2. Marko, this is an interesting piece of insight. There is a pretty simple answer to all of this. We like to dance and shake our booties and we have some concerns that rock music is satanic.

  3. NO we don’t all like to dance and shake our booties, some of us who have lived here all our lives are still looking for the station that plays the good rock music! The best we have is good old radio 2 from the BBC but they play much more middle of the road and just a hint of rock every now and then!

  4. andrew, is that a regular station? or is that satelite? XFM in the states is satelite and you have to have a special radio to get it.

  5. It’s an FM station available in London, Manchester and Scotland on any radio. You can also pick it up nationwide on the net on some of the digital providers. I’ve been having withdrawal symptoms ever since I left London…

  6. British radio is just dreadful, but it has to be – otherwise there would be nothing to make all those great bands frustrated enough to write great tunes!

    The new(ish) bbc radio station 6Music is better than most – but it’s digital only.

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