random encounter of the day

today i was wandering aimlessly in the lincoln memorial (actually, i was looking for my daughter), and i thought i kept hearing “marko, marko”. i glanced around and couldn’t figure it out. after hearing it again, i turned around to see a familiar face. kent julian is the head of youth ministries for the christian and missionary alliance (c&ma), the denomination i am still credentialed with. oddly enough, kent followed me as the junior high pastor at a church in omaha where i’d been fired. he was there a number of years, become the student ministries guy there, then moved on to the denominational position. he’s a great guy — also just self-published a good book on youth ministry (kent, if you’re reading this, tell us how to get it — i can’t remember).

random encounters on this trip so far (with people who were not here for DCLA, and didn’t even know it was going on here): 2 (thom shultz and now kent).

6 thoughts on “random encounter of the day”

  1. Marko–I recently found your blog and am so happy to see/read you! I’ll be reading faithfully. So glad you are having a great trip in DC. My only questions are these–where did you stash your little Liesl and who is that young lady hugging Jeannie in the pictures?? Amazing. Love to you and J from Chris and me (and our two little girls–Bess and Pearl).

  2. Marko – your hair! shaggy mane man!

    Looks good – ironically i just shaved all mine off….

    love ya man

  3. clint — it’s the beard, and the backward angle of my head in that pic!

    kent (the cma guy) lives in atlanta. but, yes, the cma office is in the springs.

  4. Marko,

    Great picture. You look a bit more hip than me…less gray in the beard, better hair (at least you’ve got some), and cooler looking specs.

    It was great to bump into you. I appreciate you bro. You’re a good man who’s serving well.

    We’ll hook up again soon!

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