random observations from chicago o’hare

after 12 days, i’m heading home. can’t wait to be home, to sleep in my own bed, hug my kids and wife, even sit in my chair at my desk at ys and open mail. but i’m not there yet — i’m in the chicago airport, and these are a few completely random observations i’ve noted to myself in the last hour…

i stood on the escalator iriding up into terminal c, and as i crested the top, standing in my path was a business man — full dark suit, leather bag, the whole thing — wearing a santa hat. i wanted to say: dude, wearing a santa hat to your office might be cute and festive; but wearing a santa hat with you suit in the middle of the airport? you look ridiculous.

it was 10am (11am to my east coast-adjusted body). i passed through the food court in search of a late breakfast. only a few of the restaurants were open — those that were serving breakfast-y goods. but the bar was open. and there was one guy with a really large glass of beer. i wanted to say: dude, big beer at 10am in an airport = time to call your sponsor.

i checked in at the red carpet club (united’s lounge, where i have a membership), and the woman at the front swiped my membership card, which says ‘mark oestreicher’, looked at me, and said, “welcome, marko”. i wanted to say: dude, that was weird that you just called me marko.

like i said, i’m on the tail-end of a 12 day trip. not in the deepest of thought-spaces…

10 thoughts on “random observations from chicago o’hare”

  1. Wait a minute a youth minister is gonna snipe at someone for doing something ridiculous and silly and fun for no apparent reason?

    A JUNIOR HIGH youth minister?!?!?!?!?!

    Dude,the man was having a little fun. Lighten.

  2. Dude, my 8 y.o. wears his Santa hat to school every day – and I’m thinking about it also! (Maybe after that 10 a.m. beer)

  3. I’ve been thinking about the YS conference staff all day…no idea why. I’ve just been praying for everyone to enjoy rest, time with family and time AWAY from the airport life.
    BUT…my hubby and I just signed our life away and purchased our first home yesterday. Funny thing though…it’s the home of the previous youth minister. Welcome home “Marko.”

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