re-blog: things i’m giving up for lent

i’d forgotten about this post from last year; but, re-reading it this morning (after seeing a bit of incoming traffic to it), decided it was worth re-posting. after returning from haiti last evening, i took max to carl’s junior, where i had a “grilled cheese six dollar burger”.

this is not a lent bashing (or spiritual discipline bashing) post. i think the practice of giving something up for lent, when actually seen as a means of reflecting on what christ gave up, is a beautiful practice (of course, for many, it’s not much more than an inverted new year’s resolution). i’ve given stuff up for lent before.

however, this time around, i’m in a wallowing kind of place, connected, i’m sure, to the stress and sadness of all our transitions here at ys. can you say “comfort food”?

so, tuesday evening, during a pre-lent pancake dinner with my kids, i broke the “no twittering at the dinner table” rule and twittered that i was thinking of giving up abstinence for lent. that got me thinking: i’ll create a big ol’ list of MERELY SOME of the things i’m going to give up for lent this year. my kids helped me with some of them.

just sit back, and be amazed by my resolve.


ferel cat adoption
miley cyrus music
michael jackson gloves
driving under the speed limit
reading chick lit
putting my tongue in fans
watching the movie “little women”
stamp collecting
running for political office
taunting babies
launching my rap career
nude banjo playing
climbing mt everest
goober (that peanut butter/jelly stripey thing)
faux candy
buying gold bullion
thong underwear
tunneling under the wall
my search for the “lost” island
stove pipe hats
parachute pants
jam sessions with U2 in my basement
constructing a scale model of ancient jerusalem out of mike & ikes
road tripping with rod blagojevich
vampire hunting
amateur brain surgery
freeing willy

well, i could go on, because i’m really good at abstaining, as you can see. but, please, feel free to suggest more things i might consider giving up, in a comment!

7 thoughts on “re-blog: things i’m giving up for lent”

  1. hilarious
    one suggestion – unless you don’t like U2 you might want to remove that one on the long shot that it might happen…Bono is a fan of humanitarian efforts and with the recent trip to Haiti…

  2. I agree with the Bono observation! Oh, and you could add Biltong to the list of things to give up.


  3. it may be time to stop visiting ‘that bar’ in downtown san diego, dressed in white, where you start to sing “you never close your eyes anymore …”

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