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heaven.jpgeverybody wants to go heaven but nobody wants to die, or (the eschatology of bluegrass), by david crowder and mike hogan.

no, really. this is an absolutely amazing book. it has all the componants that make a great book for me: insight, new-to-me information, wit, honesty. and the writing consistently blew me away. people shouldn’t be allowed to be this skilled at two different things (music and writing, in the case of hogan and crowder). the whiplashy jerks between dry hipster wit and teary honesty about pain were completely compelling, and worked.

i know. i’m gushing. but i think this is a book that deserves a bit of gushing.

there are these little fictional stories — 3 of ’em — that weave through the book, and i found myself re-reading them to be amazed again at how the authors interwove them. those parts were like the movie ‘crash’, but in print form. i kept thinking to myself, ‘these guys are way outside of what a book is supposed to deliver.’

if you’ve ever experienced the pain of death (um, not your own, or you probably wouldn’t be reading this), read this book.
if you’ve ever wondered about the location of the soul, especially as seen throughout history, read this book.
if you’ve ever wondered where bluegrass came from, or what it really is, read this book.
if you are a fan of perfectly crafted sentences and word choices that make you gasp, read this book.

crowder fan or not (really, this book has nothing to do with “the david crowder band”, other than looking behind some of the collective pain they went through with the death of their friend and pastor, kyle lake), it’s worth it. yup. that much.

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  1. Our AP just died in August at the age of 41 and I wondered how the David Crowder Band dealt with a similar loss. I look forward to reading this book – thanks for the info!

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