5 thoughts on “really?”

  1. Hey look on the bright side. Maybe we are working toward an Iraqi-American Olympic team for the London games!

  2. It could look like a timetable. But I expect it will have as much resemblance to reality as an itinerary for a Middle School trip to Six Flags. By saying 2012, what they’re really saying is “some four-digit number beginning with a two…probably.”

  3. i think the term was time horizon. You know, that thing you can never reach no matter how long you try so you just hope the president after the next president will reach it for you…

  4. That sounds like a long time, but it’s only 4 years. Time flies, ya know. It does, however, sound like a slight jab. kind of like, “fine, you want a time table we’ll give you one!” And some say politicians don’t have a sense of humor!

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