10 thoughts on “registration for the ys middle school ministry summit is open”

  1. Marko –
    I’m currently in a J-High position and am still passionate about J-High ministry, however, I am beginning to actively pursue a teaching pastor or senior pastor position. I feel that God is leading me into a role like that, but feel that practically speaking, I am a long way away from actually having it (12 months or more). My ministry is struggling and I have no answers, just frustrations that I would bring to the table.
    My question is, should I come? I think I would get a lot out of it, and really be encouraged, but I’m not sure how much I would have to offer to the discussion. Since there are only 70 spots, I don’t want to take up valuable space. Thanks for any advice you can offer. JM

  2. Mailed it overnight mail today – but with the Holiday it won’t arrive until Tuesday. Looking SO forward to this!!! Thanks Marko

  3. Hey josh – -thanks for asking. My “blink” response is that this event is really for people who want to STAY in middle school ministry. but, dude, we’d welcome you if you want to come!

  4. Anyone traveling from the Grand Rapids area? I am flying in from Colorado on Monday afternoon and would love to hitch a ride! Thanks!

  5. I am very excited the pastors say I can come. Woo Hoo, but I was wondering also if anyone would want to share rides from the grand rapids airport???

  6. Hey Marko–spoke with you briefly at the believe tour in Orlando. am interested in the MS summit. can you fill me in on our wed. morning? if i booked out at 10am or so is that a big deal? what is the registration numbers looking like?
    looking forward to a great experience.

  7. tony, i think the current number is somewhere around a nice-and-intimate 30-ish. maybe 35. i can’t tell you exactly what you’d miss, as we’ll be creating the agenda together onsite. but i doubt it would kill the experience for you if you had to leave early.

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