bob carlton tipped me off to this book — rejuvenile: kickball, cartoons, cupcakes, and the reinvention of the american grown-up. i’ve ordered it. connects with my earlier post about grups being a (potentially) positive trend, counter to what others have said. from the website:

Once upon a time, boys and girls grew up and set aside childish things. Or so the story goes. Nowadays, moms and dads skateboard and download pop-song ringtones. Captains of industry pose for the cover of Business Week holding Super Soakers. The average age of video game players is twenty-nine and rising. Disney World is the world’s top adult vacation destination (that’s adults without kids).

It’s hard to imagine adults in previous eras so unashamedly indulging their inner children. But these are not the adults of twenty years ago. They constitute a new breed of adult, identified by a commitment to remain playful, energetic and fun in the face of adult responsibilities. Whether buying cars marketed to consumers half their age, dressing in baby-doll fashions or bonding over games like Twister or stick ball, this new band of grownups refuses to give up childish things they never stopped loving, or else revels in things they were denied or never got around to as children. Most have busy lives and adult responsibilities. Many have children of their own. They are not stunted adolescents. They are something new: rejuveniles.

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  1. mark, somebody emailed me a link your blog. where do you live in vancouver? i also live here with my wife and daughter; i was a youth minister for 6 years. i attend Regent College now.
    ps. your instructional aerobic video is hilarious

  2. hi tyler – i don’t live in vancouver. i live in san diego. i was just in vancouver for 24 hours last week!

  3. Looks like an interesting book…I’m going to check it out.

    I read your blog every day and jsut wanted to say hi. I usually read through bloglines and don’t ever comment…but I read your post the other day saying how readership has dropped and wanted to say hi.

    I like what you have to say. I’m not a youth group leader or anything…just like your writing. :D

  4. This book sounds awesome. rejuvenile is a good term, I always just tell people I am exactly what I wanted to be when I grow up: I go to Toys R Us whenever I want, I stay up late watching Cartoons and buy comic books without waiting for permission.

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