road trip, and nywc blessings

ah, frick — i just can’t start blogging quite yet. dust needs to settle around me, and in me.

but the craziness of everything is just driving me batty. i told jeannie i feel like a need a sudden, unplanned road trip with a friend — a time of laughter and distraction. jeannie encouraged me to leave my cell phone at home, and get outa town. so that’s what we’re doing. luckily, i have some of those grace-filled friends who are willing to drop everything for the next few days and go with me, and after a few quick calls, found one who said, “sure, i’m in!”

to my friends at the cincinnati national youth workers convention: may god deeply bless your time this weekend. i will be praying that you are rocked with god-moments of epic proportions. i will be praying that the focus is not on controversy, or me, or even on youth specialties, but on jesus, and on the tribe of youth workers jesus so completely adores. may you worship without holding back, listen for the voice of god, be challenged and encouraged, laugh and feel at home. may you know, deeply, that your calling comes directly from god, and that the tribe you’re with this weekend are your people, and they “get” you, and they love you, and they accept you. and, in all of this, may god be glorified this weekend. amen, and amen.

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  1. Hey Marko. Don’t know what is really going on but plenty of love coming your way. If I was a little closer I would have been willing to drop everything for you, no doubt. Look forward to catching up soon.


  2. Happy trails. I know the road trip last weekend in the desert did me a lot of good. Hard to explain, but there is something about a road trip…

  3. I was moving hair triggered when I called up the Digger
    And I asked him to lend me his car.
    I hit Jimmy for a loan just to get my buns goin’
    I had overdosed my credit cards.
    My friends came through as friends indeed will do
    In fact they even came along.
    And with the windows wide open
    And the rock and roll blowin’
    We shot down interstate seventy-one.

    -I Want to be in Florida Tonight – Alex Bevan

    Godspeed Marko

  4. Wow…..i have been out of the loop just read what happened on the YS site.

    That makes my purchasing decisions easy.

    Zondervan will no longer get my money.

  5. Marko

    Cincy is surreal without you and Tic, I guess parachurch organizations deal with the same junk we in our churches deal with. Know I could probably get you on at our church for a summer internship with roughly a $1000 stipend, taking from the youth pastor’s salary. Know you are loved by a guy in Indiana and if you need a hug I’m here.

  6. Hey Bro,
    Praying for you and the fam in this season. I feel compelled to just mention that God has used our friendship and the random times we’ve hung out at Forest Home or the Hale’iwa Boat Harbor, to encourage Jess and I in incredible ways throughout our ministry. Thanks for your continued heart, humor, honesty and love. I raise my Edmundo No. 2 and Mai Tai in salute. Hope your road trip is balls. Aloha.

  7. Marko —

    Remember there are always potholes in the road that guides our life’s journey. While it is sad that you will no longer be a part of YS, I am sure your journey has many new adventures in your future. I have been and will continue to remember you in prayer. That’s what friends do.

    In His Grip, Mike …

  8. We missed you at YS Cincinnatti, thanks for all you have done to touch a youth minister in Texas as he works through this journey. God’s Blessings on your next step, I can’t wait to find out what God has planned for you.

  9. It was weird not having you here at NYWC in Cincy. Thanks, Marko, for all that you have done and will continue to do for youth workers. Enjoy your time of relaxation and I pray that you find rest for your body and soul.

    I did my best to try and take care of your old YS staff while they were in Cincy. :)

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