9 thoughts on “rosie and hasselbeck fight”

  1. seriously, can people disagree without being jerks. My in-laws and i disagree on the war and since both my brothers served and one was wounded i am somehow a jerk who does not value their committment to our country. People need to listen and understand before demanding to be heard.

  2. This very thing happens across the country every day. It’s sad. It’s sad that friends, family, fellow Christians can be so upset with each other over this war.

    I love Rosie. I loved her show and missed her when she was gone. But she has pushed her limits a bit far now, and that’s sad and unfortunate.

  3. Is it just a mistake or are you making some sort of comment by misspelling Hasselbeck.

  4. MAK — ha! when i saw this clip, hasselback’s name was spelled “hasselcrack” (on youtube). i thought to myself, “i don’t think that’s actually her name, but it sounds close.” so i googled it, and found tons of sites referring to her that way, and (mistakenly) concluded it must be right! thanks — i’ve changed it.

  5. No problem. Since her brother-in-law plays for the hometown Seahawks it was an easy catch.

    That other’s refer to her that way is just another indication of where we have lost the ability to disagree agreeably.

  6. I have to say this seems like my parent’s house last night when our whole family was in town. I’ve read the comments about disagreeing amicably and I have to say it is very difficult for me to do this. While I love and respect my brother’s, often their insensitivity can make me crazy. My husband maintains a wonderful balance of passionate disagreement and not getting emotional or judgmental but I can’t do it. I still have to physically remove myself from the conversation in order to not get extremely upset.

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