rss again

in addition to the 100 or so blogs i follow, i keep ysmarko in my bloglines just to verify that things are coming through the rss feed ok. this morning it dawned on me that i hadn’t noticed any of my posts this week show up on my reader. i realize this probably has something to do with moving my blog to a new server earlier this week.

so i went through the add process, and the posts all showed up. of course, if you only access this blog through a reader, you’ll never see this post! but, if you happen to see it, you might oughta re-submit my rss feed to your blog reader.

that is all.

9 thoughts on “rss again”

  1. thanks, guys. i use bloglines, but maybe it was just mine, just like our office was the only one that had the blog looking at the wrong server for a couple days. now my rss-fed posts are coming through in that annoying “first two lines” format. i have to find that little box to check that says i want it to send the whole post!

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