san diego nywc, late friday night

what a great day, for the most part. the general sessions went wonderfully. tonite’s was especially fantastic, with lost and found, family force five, and the david crowder band. my critical concerns course wrapped up well this morning. only not-perfect bit was that i felt my seminar with mark riddle on “the expectations that killed the youth worker” was less than great. we were sloppy in our presentation — need to work on it a bit for the other two conventions.

tomorrow’s a bit of a lighter day for me: two general sessions and a bunch of meetings. but no seminars.

4 thoughts on “san diego nywc, late friday night”

  1. Sounds like things are going well.

    Bummed that I couldn’t be there this year.

    Challenge them and love them.

    Hope to see ya next year. Or sometime in between!!

  2. sounds like good stuff though. i am not making it to one this year, but i hear you have one in pittsburgh in 08? that would work out. god bless. keep up the good and hard work marko.

  3. praying for you guys!
    missing that san diego weather too!
    tell the ys crew hey from me and looking forward to seeing you
    in st. louis in a couple of weeks.

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