san fran for a day

this morning i’m flying early to san francisco to do a middle school ministry training day for the episcopal diocese of the bay area. back home tonite. good ol’ bob carlton arranged this.

my 6th grade guys small group were over last night for a pool party (i’m sure the minneapolis youth groups were all having outdoor pool parties last night also – “it’s the most liveable city in america,” says a misguided doug pagitt). it’s amazing how much trash and destruction six 11 year-olds can create in 2 1/2 hours!

2 thoughts on “san fran for a day”

  1. Mock us if you will, Marko. But I’m sure most youth groups in my fair city were warm and toasty inside this past Wednesday. We have actually have seasons here, ya know.

    ps. and yes it is amazing the carnage middle schoolers can create in such a short time.

  2. Marko
    it a nice 46 degrees here in the twin cities today. We may not be able to have a pool party, but Deer Hunting season started yesterday in the state. Being here only a few months, I did not understand the importance of deer hunting in the state. I wish I was in San Diego, I understand the importance of pool parties. See You and 7000 other people in Nashville.

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